What to Expect at RMFP

At Rocky Mountain Family Physicians, we believe that communication is key to creating a strong foundation in our partnership for your healthcare. We understand that navigating the medical world can often be confusing. An important component in our relationship is understanding what can be expected here in our office.

Thank you for choosing Rocky Mountain Family Physicians!

Insurance and Billing

It is your responsibility to provide up-to-date insurance at the time of service and to contact insurance to ensure that we are considered in network with your specific policy.

  • Copays are due at the time of service.
  • Once the claim has been processed through insurance, you will receive a statement with what has been determined as patient responsibility.
  • Be sure to provide your email address to our front desk staff for e-statements!
  • If you have questions regarding a bill you have received, please contact our office.

Questions regarding your benefits (copays, deductible, coinsurance, and coverage) needs to be directed to your insurance company.

Patient Portal

Please contact our office to get set up on the patient portal. On the patient portal, you may view your chart from Rocky Mountain Family Physicians, review results, and contact our office.

Pay Your Bill Online

Please note that you are not able to pay bills using the patient portal at this time.


Labs include blood work and pathology.

  • If you have routine blood work done in the office, please allow up to one week for test results.
  • *Routine and preventative labs are NOT always covered by insurance. Always check with your insurance to ensure it will be covered and which lab is in your network.
  • Cultures (strep, urine, and blood) can take up to five days to process at the lab before we receive these results in our office. Please allow up to two weeks for test results.

*Please remember that Rocky Mountain Family Physicians does NOT bill for labs. Questions regarding any bills you may receive should be first directed to the lab facility.


Radiology includes ultrasounds, CT, MRI, and x-rays.

  • An authorization may be required by your insurance for these services to be covered. Please allow up to a week for the authorization to be completed by our Referral Coordinator. You will be contacted by our office once it is complete.
  • The order for the test will be faxed to the facility and they will contact you to set up an appointment.
  • **Do not schedule your appointment prior to hearing from our Referral Coordinator.
  • Please give up to a week after your appointment to follow up with you regarding your results. If you have not heard from us after one week, please contact our office.

Prior Authorizations/Referrals

Insurance may require prescription or diagnostic authorizations and referrals to specialists. Our Referral Coordinator reviews and completes all prior authorizations and referrals per provider’s request.

Medicaid: Procedures and medication prior authorizations and referrals can take up to one week. Other referrals should take up to four days.

**Call your insurance to see if a specialist is in your network.


Controlled Medications:

  • We need a 48-hour notice for refills.
  • There needs to be 28 days between prescriptions.
  • There are no refills on Fridays or Saturdays.
  • If a medication is lost or stolen, we will NOT replace it.
  • **No same day pick up.

All other Prescription refills: Please call your pharmacy first. Allow up to 48 hours for it to be refilled and call your pharmacy to see if it is ready to be picked up. If your prescription is not ready, please call our office.

Office Visits

  • One physical per year (or a wellness exam if a Medicare patient)
  • *Contact your insurance to see if one physical per year is covered at 100%.
  • *There could be an additional office visit charge if anything is discussed outside of a routine physical. Please refer to the form provided at your physical.
  • For daily medications—You will need to come in for an office visit every three to six months unless told by provider.
  • Please contact the office within a week of visiting the ER to schedule an appointment with your primary care provider.

Other follow up appointments as necessary per provider.

Vaccines for Adults

Check insurance for coverage. The following are the CPT codes for common vaccines…

  • Tdap: 90715
  • Shingrix: 90750
  • Hep A: 90633
  • Hep B: 90744
  • Twinrix (Hep A & B): 90636
  • TD: 90714
  • Prevener 13: 90670
  • Pnuemovax 23: 90732