Q & A Testing for COVID-19

Q: Can Rocky Mountain Family Physicians test for novel coronavirus (COVID-19)?   

A: YES, Rocky Mountain Family Physicians is able to at this time, however certain criteria must be met.  The test for COVID-19 can only be performed through state or select commercial labs.  

Q: Can anyone be tested for COVID-19?  

A: Due to the limited availability of testing by state and commercial labs, Rocky Mountain Family Physicians is currently following guidelines set by state health departments to determine the most appropriate patients to collect samples for testing. These guidelines are set by the CDC, Colorado Department of Health and the Larimer County Health Department. 

Q: I heard the government is making more tests available – when can more people be tested?  

A: On March 13, the federal government announced plans to make COVID-19 testing more readily available to the public. No dates have been announced and it is uncertain when these measures will be in place.    

Q: If I go to the emergency room, or have a doctor’s note, can I be tested?   

A: At this time, Rocky Mountain Family Physicians will only submit testing for patients who meet the criteria set by the Colorado Department of Health and Larimer County Health Department. If you do not qualify for testing, your provider can still help you manage your symptoms and follow guidelines to minimize exposure to others.    

Q: Does Rocky Mountain Family Physicians have COVID-19 Antibody tests?   

A: Yes. Again, there are specific guidelines for who can be tested. This requires an inoffice visit. Has it been over 14 days since illness? What symptoms, when and how long were you sick? These are just a few questions that we will ask.  

Q: Should everyone who has COVID-19 symptoms be seen by a doctor?  

 A: Most people with COVID-19 have minor symptoms and do not require inpatient medical care or testing. Individuals with minor symptoms are advised to stay home rather than seek testing or medical care.  

People with symptoms or concerns specific to COVID-19 can either: 

1. Visit rmfamilyphys.com/covid19screening for detailed self-triage information.

2.  Call 970-484-0798 for a free phone screening.


**Please note that these screening tools may determine that you need to see a provider for care and management of your symptoms. However, seeing a provider does not guarantee you will meet the guidelines for testing of COVID-19.   

Quest Diagnostics is offering COVID-19 Antibody testing: