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Click title to download article on topic. Patients visiting our Fort Collins family doctor may receive one of these forms for additional information. Alcohol and Drug Abuse Cardiovascular Health Illustration Depression Healthy Eating in Kids Migraines Respiratory Health Illustration Asthma Cholesterol Digestive System Illustration Managing Diabetes Osteoarthritis Illustration Rheumatoid Arthritis Common Cold GERD in Kids and Infants Mental Health in Teens Osteoporosis Skin Cancer Prevention Asthma in Kids

Fort Collins Vaccination & Immunization Clinic

Offering vaccination and immunization Services in Fort Collins, CO.  We will enter your child’s shot information into the Colorado Immunization Information System (CIIS), a confidential, statewide immunization record tracking system.  You can choose to exclude your child’s shot information from CIIS at any time.  Please ask us for further information about immunizations and vaccinations at our Fort Collins clinic. Questions & Answers About the Influenza Vaccine Q:  When did influenza

High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure

Managing High Blood Pressure in Fort Collins Knowing how to interpret and manage your blood pressure readings is key.  Rocky Mountain Family Physicians are committed to educating our patients on what they need to know about high blood pressure and hypertension treatments in Fort Collins. What Your Numbers Mean Your blood pressure is made up of two numbers: The top number: SYSTOLIC – The pressure in your arteries when your

Recommended Health Screening Schedule

For Men For Women Download PDF Version of the Chart [[[“Screening Tests”,”Ages 18-39″,”Ages 40-49″,”Ages 50-64″,”Ages 65 & Older”],[“Thyroid Test (TSH)”,”Every 5 years, beginning at age 35″,”Every 5 years”,”Every 5 years”,”Every 5 years”],[“Full checkup, weight and blood pressure”,”Once a year”,”Once a year”,”Once a year”,”Once a year”],[“Cholesterol test”,”Every 5 years, beginning at age 20″,”Every 5 years, or once a year if you have, or are at risk for high cholesterol”,”Every 5 years,