Appointments, Phone Requests and Refills

To provide the very best service to all of our patients, please be sure to review our appointment policies and practices shown below.

receptionistConfirming Appointments, No Shows & Late Appointment Arrival

As a courtesy to our patients, we confirm appointments two days before their scheduled date. If you miss your appointment there will be a $50.00 charge that will be your responsibility and not that of your insurance company.  If you have three or more no shows, we will no longer see you as a patient and will send your records to another Fort Collins doctor’s office of your choosing.  

If you are late for an appointment it puts us behind schedule for other patients who are on time.  Therefore, in consideration of other patients, if you are 15 minutes late we may ask you to reschedule your appointment.

Medical Assistant / Nurse Returning Calls

phoneOur medical assistants and nurse receive a large number of calls every day, so please be patient when waiting for a return call. They not only receive calls with questions, they also get calls for refills from pharmacies.

When leaving a message with the receptionist for the medical assistant or nurse, please be sure to leave your name, date of birth and phone number. If you are calling about your child, please give his or her name and date of birth. If you are calling regarding test results, please tell the receptionist the date of the test and the lab you went to.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

The Difference Between Well Checks and Sick Appointments

All well checks (physicals) include a complete physical exam at our Fort Collins office. This exam includes a developmental evaluation, health, weight, hearing and vision screens, blood pressure and scoliosis checks, a neurological exam and an update of immunizations. The well check also involves discussions regarding your diet, sleep patterns, and safety and behavioral issues. 

otoscopeDepending on your age, we may also check for anemia and perform a urine screen during the Fort Collins physical examination. For adolescents the doctor will discuss high-risk behavior, sexuality, peer pressure, school related issues and depression. If you would like us to sign any sports, daycare or camp forms, a physical examination has to be done every 12 months at our Fort Collins offices.

Sick appointments are 15 minutes in duration so the doctor can diagnose your illness. If you make a sick appointment and would like to talk to our Fort Collins doctor about other concerns, please let the receptionist know when you schedule your appointment so the visit can be extended.  We want to make sure the doctor has enough time to address all of your concerns without feeling rushed.

Medication Refills

pillsMost refills are filled when the pharmacy notifies us of a prescription refill request.  When you are low on medication and will need a refill, please CONTACT YOUR PHARMACY and they in turn will forward that request to your physician by fax or electronically. 

If you would like to learn more about electronic prescriptions, please visit

Please allow 48 hours for prescription refills. Call your physician's medical assistant or nurse if you need a written prescription and one will be generated for you and placed at the front desk. Our on-call physician WILL NOT refill medications after hours or on weekends.

To make an appointment call:

(970) 484-0798

Or if you would like to request an appointment via e-mail, please fill out the form below.

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After Hour Calls

There are times you may need medical advice or assistance during hours when our office is closed.  Rocky Mountain Family Physicians always has a physician on duty to answer questions you may have regarding an urgent care medical problem in Fort Collins.

Just call our phone number, 970-484-0798, and the answering service will answer. They will then call our on duty physician and tell them your concerns.

If the physician does not call you within 20 minutes, please call the answering service again and let them know you haven't heard from the physician on duty.

Seeing Children Under 18 Without A Parent Present

teenDue to government regulations, our office requires verbal or written consent from a parent or legal guardian to see and/or treat unaccompanied children under 18.

We will also need verbal or written consent to see and/or treat them if they are coming with a grandparent or friend.